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Nigel Macleod, LL.B.

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Our approach to family mediation is simple. We support your decision making by using our proven online mediation process respecting your budget and scheduling.

As accredited family and certified online mediators we believe in following professional practices attuned to better communication through the use of effective technology. We blend the art of mediation with technology to enhance your opportunity in making reliable plans during your family’s transition.

Meet the Team

Nigel Macleod

Nigel Macleod

B. Soc . Sc . , LL.B, Acc.FM (OAFM)
Adv. Pract. (ACR)(APFM)
Rhiannon Paul

Rhiannon Paul


What Our Clients Are Saying

We chose Nigel as our mediator and definitely benefitted from his well deserved reputation as a skilled family law practitioner and ADR specialist. I was particularly impressed with his professional guidance to help us both move towards our own resolution while taking into consideration our different needs and perspectives. Clearly an appropriate process for our restructuring.

Les B


I solidly recommend Nigel Macleod as a reliable and skilled professional family mediator. He managed a successful resolution of our Separation Agreement tailor made to our online needs, timing and budget. Most effective !

J. Snider


Rhiannon is a professional mediator with a caring nature.

E. Richardson

Toronto ON

Rhiannon is a skillful and knowledgeable mediator. She asks questions that not only clarify and emphasize what is being said, but also highlights perspectives. is well-versed in Family Law and effectively articulates in a simplified language to foster understanding.

R. Dass

Peel Region

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