Comprehensive family mediation means engaging in the disclosure and consensus building to craft a smart agreement for the family’s financial transition in restructuring to separate homes. As such ,we will focus on a workable financial plan organizing the two separate domains of income /expenses together with a coordinated property settlement.

The first part being the financial settlement will organize the disclosure and legal information corresponding to what the lawyers and judges refer to as ‘child and spousal support’. We will use state of the art computerized technology to build understanding and consensus on the various financial mechanisms which support an individualized agreement in conformity with the law. At the same time, we will allow ourselves some creativity to discuss practical plans and mechanisms which often are selected by the general public enhancing the purposes of Federal and Provincial legislation. As with the proven promise of alternativelaw, sometimes our clients can do better than the minimum standards of the legislation in ensuring their own creativity and commitment for a wise and durable agreement in the best interests of the children. We will provide you with lots of practical examples and options of financial plans that not only work for you and the children now and also may set the stage for future conflict reduction.

Family law is considered to be an extremely complex area of the law and so we are committed to help you understand the legal concepts in legislation and case law including the various types of child and spousal support in the context of review with official institutions. The consensus building in your case through closed mediation may very well end in the final production of a legally binding instrument of public record. As such, the professional navigation of your case based on reliable and verifiable financial disclosure is extremely important in ensuring success in crafting the first best plan for your family’s financial transition. We can help you stay on course in financial restructuring for your family matters.