Consultation and Process Assessment

Step 1 is the free of charge initial consultation and process assessment. Your initial contact will be supported by an experienced client services representative who will discuss your needs and our professional requirements including scheduling directly with you by telephone, chat or video conference. Then our experienced family mediator will host an individual or joint assessment discussion to ensure that mediation is the best possible process for your family’s needs and budget. We will set you up with an internal case management file which you will have access to as completely encrypted data exchange.

Case Disclosure and Learning Conversations

Step 2 is the case disclosure and learning conversations that ensures that you both have what you need for informed decision making. During this phase you will be independently and jointly working on our case management file. By then we have pre-populated (including financial information and Divorcemate calculations) your secure case management file to suit your specific subject matter inventory for a comprehensive resolution on all settlement components that are presenting from your assessment and process design. You will have access to your file at your convenience and on workable time frames before joint mediation sessions.

Seamless Consensus Discussions Guided by Our Trained Mediators

Step 3 is the seamless consensus discussions guided by our trained mediators (sequenced online sessions not exceeding two hours). These online mediation sessions can facilitate your legal counsel’s presence in separate breakout rooms on the professional platforms now available through Zoom. Your experienced and specially trained (certified online mediator) family mediator is the host who will prevent unauthorized entry into the joint or between breakout rooms as part of our professional mandate.

Consensus Closure and Production of a Comprehensive Agreement

Step 4 is consensus closure culminating in the management and production of a comprehensive agreement through our specialized memorandum drafting which ensures your own wise and durable outcome ready for systems’ scrutiny (by the court and/or official institutions) and/or best practices (including independent legal advice and financial institutions) Once again your case management file will be individualized in the final drafting of your Memorandum of Agreement and you will have access to it at your convenience on your timetable. FCM can help you regain balance in these challenging times by helping with your good decisions for your family matters.

Divorce Processing

Step 5 (optional) is where our affiliated divorce processor Lawyers pivots your comprehensive Separation Agreement being a divorce settlement into an actual court application on a joint and uncontested basis. The finalization of your family law and divorce processing will produce a Divorce Order and Certificate of Divorce. This final phase will be in accordance with a separate legal services contract with a licensed Ontario lawyer (to be determined) and is restricted to seamless referral from FCM on our completed agreements solely. This is an optional plan which is designed to assist obtaining your final Court Order consistent with the FCM mediation process. The participants are entirely at liberty to choose their own divorce processing which would eliminate Step 5 from the FCM guaranteed budget and service plans.