FCM helps clients prepare for the complete range of legal service consultations. FCM can support your referral needs in standard independent legal advice (ILA) consultations, unbundled legal services(issue resolution) or full integration as counsel at the e-mediation session(s). We recommend that our mutual clients consider ILA at any stage of the alternativelaw platform. That means before the initial consultation through to the informed review of the completed unsigned memorandum of agreement. Moreover, FCM ensures impartiality and neutrality throughout the confidential closed mediation process. Our system is designed to assist represented and self-represented participants from start to finish in crafting an interests – based resolution that suits their plans and budget. We work for settlement and fully support your professional involvement in respect to your solicitor-client relationship.

As and when directed, we will include your process preferences in the Step 1 initial consultation in case design. Upon those process directives, FCM will ensure prompt and timely release of financial and other material disclosure so you can be kept up to speed towards or at the time of the final consensus. All documentary transmissions are as secure as encrypted data in recognized industry platforms and otherwise in accordance with professional standards in law and mediation.

Our Agreement to Mediate conforms to pre-existing and advanced industry standards is available for your review. Since 1998, we have ensured that the memorandum of agreement enclosing the draft domestic contract (notably Separation Agreement, divorce minutes of settlement, variation agreement, cohabitation agreement or marriage contract) is available to the participants’ designated legal counsel prior to the client’s next scheduled consultation. This timely transfer of the draft (Tracking Word doc) Memorandum will be accompanied by or with the client’s authorized financial disclosure package. The FCM e-file remains open throughout the final phase of consideration and execution with the designated professional. The FCM family mediator is available for follow up regarding technical, substantive or procedural inquiries.






As having practiced in family law for decades, we are ready to assist you as you support your client’s interests and manage their case in a professional manner. We regard family law counsel as an important information and professional reality checker ensuring a fair and informed resolution towards an enforceable domestic contract in best practices. Coordinating with your good offices, we provide reliable legal information and no legal advice. Moreover, having successfully managed high-volume legal services in family law, we take extra process precautions to ensure that client proposals will not be subject to misinterpretation as offer and acceptance in contract law outside of the valid and subsisting professional mediation process.

As a family lawyer, you are aware of the demonstrated success of family mediation in resulting settlements with elevated consumer satisfaction. Also, you know that no good mediator will ever tout that all mediations result in a comprehensive resolution in every case. As such, there may be situations that we consider our best practices approach in negotiation and conflict resolution while respecting the confidential nature of closed mediation at the juncture of possible impasse.

Accordingly, upon process direction, we can provide an early neutral evaluation (ENE) in counsel correspondence which may culminate in more efficient communications in the solicitor-client relationship. In such limited circumstances, the participants direct a written and privileged interim ENE report which will constitute legal information for continuing legal advice by counsel of record. The ENE report will inevitably include a legal research assignment with attached summary and relevant case law.

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